Jan van Gentstraat 54 b
1171 GM Badhoevedorp
the Netherlands
Tel. **31 (0)20 - 659 22 23
Fax **31 (0)20 - 659 78 80
Email: market@xs4all.nl

Market Textile Labels specialises in the production of
printed labels for the textile and clothing industry.
The company was founded in 1987. During the first few months,
operations took place in a private house. In the evenings, the first labels
were produced. During the day, customer orders were recorded by an answering machine.
The company in the making, soon obtained official status and moved to a permanent company address.

In the course of the years, the company gradually started to specialise in meeting the
sometimes very specific requirements from the industry. Now there are some 225
regular customers who, in Market Textile Labels, have found a flexible and fast supplier.
The company is led by Marc de Wit en Sjoerd Volmer,
both of whom originally come from the clothing industry.
With their work experience, they have made Market Textile Labels successful.

One of Market Textile Labels' strong points is fast delivery.
You order, we deliver! We do not have any restrictions with respect to volume!
Last-minute orders? No problem.